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Dear Colleagues:

It is my pleasure as WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer to share the latest issue of WorldLink, this time focusing on people management in Latin America.

—  I wrote our front-page editorial this month, focusing on how the political and social challenges in our part of the world has affected human resources management.

— An article by Adolfo Jarrín focuses on organizational culture and how we can be more attune to saving the planet.

— Ney Díaz shares a conversation he had with an intern and rebuts some of the stereotypes older generations have when it comes to Millennials.

— We hear about five trends that are disrupting training, including portable-on-demand training, gamification and virtual reality.

— We report on a new survey that identifies 10 areas where HR can help create the workforce of the future.

— Francisco Soeltl outlines the findings from the Institute for Corporate Productivity about the best practices of high-performing companies.

And, as always, you will read brief news updates on various HR-related happenings in several countries in Latin America. We trust that you will find this issue of WorldLink, which is available on the WFPMA web site (, timely and informative. Please forward it to the members in your association and post it on your association’s web site. 

The next issue of WorldLink, publishing this fall, will feature the European Association for

People Management and HR news from Europe. If you have story ideas for your regional issue or events you would like to add to the Calendar, please contact WorldLink Editor Melanie Padgett Powers at

With warm regards, 


Leyla Nascimento

WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer