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Regional Reports

Disclaimer:  The Regional Reports appearing at this site have in large part been prepared by country-especific  people  management  associations.  Therefore, WFPMA, its member continental federations, and their respective officers and directors disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy of such reports.                                        

Once or twice a year the five continental federations in full membership of the WFPMA update the Board on developments in their region, after which their reports are made available to all visitors to the WFPMA website. These reports tend to include some or all of the following:

  • macroeconomic data such as unemployment rates, average salaries, gross domestic product, interest rates and inflation, as well as comments on the positive and negative impacts of these, and also sometimes political trends to the extent that they affect the work of the HR professional;

  • information about the challenges facing the region’s human resources professionals at the time of the report and how they are being met, plus details of significant developments in HR policies and practices in member countries;

  • updates on the member associations within each federation – profiles of the membership, reports on major or developing projects and issues within the associations, and changes in the associations’ leadership;

  • and not least, given the increasing importance attached to certification or qualification of HR professionals, occasional accounts of how different regions define the standards determining what constitutes an HR professional and the competencies he or she needs, and of how each region certifies the attainment of professional standards, and the learning and development routes that can be pursued to keep these competencies up to date.

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